Timewasters from unusual sources

It’s not just the big brands that need marketing, small ones, organisations, groups, sports all need the marketing love as well. And they’ve all heard the call of the viral, hoping it can be the answer to their prayers. Today I bring you some timewasting games to hurry you through your working day from the British Greyhound Racing Board and the Science Museum (and they are British based as that’s the mail-list I’m signed up for; still not found a US version)

British Greyhound Racing Board

Premise: race your bi-plane around your greyhound track of choice made out of circles in the sky.

FunFactor: medium. It takes a fair bit of work to get round (ie I never made it) but the graphics and game play are good.

Incentive: no idea. There’s a prize draw of somekind. However, iy you do actually click though to the main site (which is not as much fun) you can also get a voucher for a free pint if you give them your email address.
Why: to get you to go to the races. I can see the link – have fun online, have fun at the track. But the experience when you go through to the main site is not carried through, it needs to be less jarring and the racing board site needs to be a lot better.

Bought to you by Rubber Republic

Greyhound Racing

Science Museum

Premise: Pong, in flash, with cars and supermarket trollies

FunFactor: It’s Pong. What more do you want

Incentive: A Nintendo Wii and 20% of ticket price (if you send it on)

Why: The Science Museum has an exhibition about the history of computer games. And it’s got lots of games to play to suit all ages. The game is well integrated into the main site, which tells you all about the exhibition.

Bought to you by:Stickee who need to fix the link to their site from the game!


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