MIT Open Courseware

I’m a fan of continued education.   I’ve carried on learning formally though the OU for many years.  But the OU courses available in the US are few so I’ve been looking around for something else.   Many of the available courses in New York that would feasibly fit into my schedule are the more practical or job related ones, not necessarily something that I was interested in doing – I just like learning.  So I was thrilled to stumble upon MIT’s Open Courseware, which is a publication of nearly all of their undergraduate course work, from reading lists, lecture notes, essay requirements and answers.  A wonderful way to work your way through areas that interest you.  In my case, I think I’m going to update my Biology and Anthropology (my original degree) and take a look at Psychology, Comparative Media studies, History, Linguistics and Technology.  Of course, that’s the plan – I just need to organise my life to have the time to do it.

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