NextFest Visit

Nextfest is on at the moment in New York and I took a few hours out this morning to wander round. Lots of photos to be uploaded and it’s well worth taking at look at Rocketboom which showcases one of my favourites, the pettable seals. C

ute, soft, furry, big eyes, pitiful sounds, you just want to pick one up and take it home. There were lots and lots of robots of all kinds, musical instruments, games, hybrid cars, and a robotic bartender that only served soft drinks at that time of day. I loved the DiamondTouch table and the demos, using it with Google Earth and having all the people round the table annoting was fun. I can see applications for interactive advertising in this.

I spent my time wondering round with a big grin, as I love this sort of interactive exhibitions (I love good Science Museums). I managed to escape before too many of the school parties arrived and completely crowded out the queues, so getting their early is a necessity. I guess it may be worse at the weekend with crowds.

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