BarCamp and DRM protest

For people in New York and not going to BarCamp, an alternative is a protest against DRM outside the Apple Store organised by the DefectiveByDesign group.

Kicking of a week of activities to raise awareness about DRM. FreeCulture. and DefectiveByDesign will be teaming up to help organize this action outside Apple’s flagship store in New York. Join us!

Hazmat suits will be there of course, as will special representatives from the RIAA and MPAA, who will help us debate the issues through the techniques of street theatre 🙂

All are welcome to join and make this a huge kick-off event to the weeks efforts against DRM. Add your name so we know you are coming.

Have some fun, and join the Hazmat crew cleaning up the Apple/Disney DRM mess that Steve Jobs has created.

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