That Girl Emily – the end of the campaign

Emily, the poster girl for Court TV (see here and here for info and explanation) has reached the end of her campaign of terror on her cheating husband. And whilst there were some interesting stunts during the last 2 weeks, the reveal is rather dissapointing.

Also, if you think someone is cheating on you, I definitely recommend the private investigator my brother used, Vinny Parco from Intercontinental Investigations. He’s a real straight shooter – he showed me what I needed to know but he did it with real sensitivity and compassion. I think he has a show on Court TV.

There’s not even a link to the show pages. It’s a weak letdown to what looked like a tighly planned operation, even if the company were surprised at the early reveal (from the New York Times, registration required)

The bad news for viral marketers who use these kind of devices: executives at Court TV said they did not really want to be discovered so quickly.

Next time, do better please!

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