Living in the wrong place – E-Society Digital Rating

University College London have been researching the digital lifestyles of the British population and put them all in a nice handy tool. There are 22 categories, ranging from E-unengaged (groups that do not have access to electronic communications or technologies) to e-experts (every confidence in their abilities to undertake on-line transactions and to make full use of electronic technologies. ) The theory is that the information can be used to help inform future policies on digital access – but of course, they could also be used to drive some advertising 😉

The tool allows you to plug in postcodes and see what the different areas are like. And I think I’m living in the wrong place, as my area comes out as part of the E-Unengaged set – too old to be bothered. It seems to be accurate down the individual postcode, which is a group of around 50-60 houses, so it does reflect reality. I live in an ex-council flat and many of the remaining tenants are elderly.

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