Germany 0 Italy 2

Wow. Great game Good football between the 2 sides, a ref that ikept the game going and ignoring any play acting, just a demostration of footballing skills.

The airport lounge on Sunday had Saturday’s papers, all full of stories about how great the England team were and how they had a brilliant chance of going through. And we know how that ended up 🙁 But the BBC have a good article on what to do with all the unwanted England flags, to get the creative juices flowing.

3. If you’re a Sun reader you could consider using the flags as stuffing for an effigy of the newly-crowned “least popular man in the Premiership” Cristiano Ronaldo. Don’t burn it though as some polyester can give off pollutants.

Working my way through recorded telly prgrammes I skipped over loads of ads with a football theme; even if they had to reach then the companies were determined to get some mention in there. And now I’m watching the football with English commentary, which is far more preferable to my ears. But I’m finding it weird to be watching the match in the evening though, having grown accustomed to the day time matches that EST brings upon me.

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