Life is short

A funny day today. My parents were visiting with plans to do lunch; instead we ended up going to Camden Market. My aunty had also traveeled down, the first time she’d been to London for 28 years. The tube proved an adventure, but the confusing corridors and barriers were soon mastered.

Part way through the day, we got a strange text message from my sister, “I’ve just found a dead man and had to do CPR”. Eventually catching up with her, it turns out she’d been driving just round the corner from her house and saw a man laying down, with an elderly gent looking confused. They’d stopped – the other man had just found the guy on the floor. Checking, there was no immediate discernable pulse. At this point, a couple of other people turned up, one called the ambulance, the other turned out to be a doctor. Between the doctor and my sister (who’s a nurse) they started full CPR and kept that going until the ambulance arrived, apparently about 15 minutes later. Things were not looking good as they left the guy being shocked in the ambulance.

The guy appeared to be in his late thirties and was carrying no ID at all. So sometime today, someone will report their family member or friend missing, things will be put together, and there will be bad news.

Life can be short – don’t waste it.

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