Boat Race 2006

Today was the 152nd Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race. This is a strange sporting event, a private match between 2 universities but which is watched by thousands from the bansk and millions on the TV. It’s over 4 miles 374 yards, over a tidal river, nothing like the straight, controlled 2000m international racing, But all of the competitors are internationals, focusing on a completely different type of race and training to take part in this unique event.

This year, I watched the race on TV from a boathouse next to where the crews disembark. Watching the build up, looking at the wind and rain, I knew it was going to be a hard race. I’ve been out on the Tideway in similar conditions – they are not nice at all, especially on that last bend at Barnes. Bookies were offering 20-1 on one of the boats sinking (difficult with today’s designs) but Cambridge looked like they were close. I’m naturally biased towards Oxford, in fact 2 of the crew went to my college, so was extremely happy with the result 😉

Here’s the winning crew as they come under Chiswick Bridge.


And a picture of the trophy, abandoned as the crews and followers went to get dry.


More photos here

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