April Fool Stuff

I’m going to keep this post updated for my own info….

Here’s something from Google. It may not be completely an April fool, but there’s an element of fun about it.

Google Circles is a free service which lets you explore the interests of groups of people around the world, in your hometown, at your workplace, and at your alma mater.

. Try the domain driven pages, and read the FAQ…

How do I keep my own queries from contributing to one or more Google Circles?
The only way to keep your searches from contributing to a Google Circle is to not use Google’s services. There are several other search engines to choose from, none of which receive enough traffic for their operators to successfully perform data mining at this scale.

Think Geek is offering some interesting products. I particulary like the USB Desktop tanning kit and the RFID blocking Tshirt.

Google swap one Matt and 2456 computers for one a href=”http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/archives/006571.html”>Jeremy

goes pink for the day, and runs some interesting stories (Lucas film goes adult!)..although you can’t always tell with slasdot..

Go and take a look at Flickr’s Interestingness page – it seems to have been taken over by cats. And more cats. Start here and flick through the months.

On the Register, a couple of stories. Although the one about Bush preparing emergency powers to stay on in office is worryingly believable. Meanwhile, China buys Google and announces it secretly.

Some Newspaper stories (all from Tim Worstall)

The Guardian on the Marie-Jesu Pica’s rise to power in the country of San Serriffe. The Bodoni machine guns are a nice touch.

The Guardian also has my favourite – there was a little bit of work gone into this. Chris Martin from Coldplay announcing his support for Tory leader Dvid Cameron, by releasing a new version of a song. Here’s the song…and here’s the lyrics.

And the Daily Mail announces a tax on pencils

A lot of bootstrapping on the web came from the openess of the code, which also allows things like this, announcing George Galloway’s resignation from his party. By the ‘BBC’…or someone who can copy their style.

And another Google site..Google Romance..with contextual ads.

6. What is Contextual Dating?
It’s a free date plus the added accrued value of the past decade’s worth of post-Industrial Age online marketing genius, all tied into a real-time, video-based, GPS-tracked, psychographically astute and environmentally pervasive promotional system.

And even TechCrunch gets in on it, with a write up of Goop:

The most interesting aspects of the service, however, are a number of del.icio.us/flickr-like features to allow anyone to create their own topic-based version of the main service, create a mashup with any XUL or LUX interface and prominently display the results to users on a Soap based platform with fully closed APIs. At this time, the service is available for download on the Mac platform only, using the Internet Explorer browser.

Meanwhile Yahoo is getting fed up with buying up Web2.0 companies one by one and have decided to take the plunge and buy them all at once. Think of the legal fees saved.

And on that…going to leave it..as Wikipedia has a far more comprehensive list

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