SXSW – Beastie Boys Audience Interview

The final panel of today is an interview with the Beasties boys. Queuing was mandatory, but the attendance appears to be the same as the Bruce Sterling monologue on Tuesday.

Whilst knowing a fair bit of their music, I’ve never been a fan enough to work out who was who…so I took just general notes about the conversation. I found it interesting that they did not really say too much in this interview…they entertained for sure, they made the audience laugh. But as none of these questions were prescreened (live from the audience) they had to skip over things, either because they had no desire to answer or could not for legal/sponsorship reasons. I guess for similar reason, photography by the audience was limited to a little bit at the start and end.

Despite that it was an entertaining hour…here’s some of the notes that I took during the talk. One of the key reasons for the interview was the release of a concert documentary – “Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That!” They had given out 50 cameras to fans at a concert and thentook a year to edit all the footage together and release it.

Q: they have released 30 a capella tracks for people to remix; they let 50 fans shoot their do they feel as artists if people take their music. They have broken ground..hopes it will come the norm..will other people do this?
A: it’s a tough make the’s your thing…and people can put their spin on it..but they still need the money!
it’s cool having people doing their thing with your thing.

Q: did you run into obstacles to create the finished product (the movie)
A: sample clearance was a bitch…the DJ was throwing in all kinds of beats when live which were not on the recordings…and they had to figure out what it was..and then get clearance.

Q:After the Anthology…what was the inspriation for Solid Gold Hits…you had already done the Anthology…why do it twice…
A: Can’t give the answer (aside…the label made them do it) but we preferred the Anthology as how it was meant to be put together

Q: are you going to be running another label
A: I hope not…
Q: how was the deal with EMI
A: it was good to work with friends and get stuff they liked out there. But trying to reconcile and have it be a business was not so fun.
Q: any mistakes to learn from?
A: keep it small and keep it simple

Q: so much footage…how long to edit
A: took a year. they screening here only was in stereo..not the full surround sound…so you did not get the full experience

Q: do you have a professional opinion on the sound quality on MP3s
A: we’re not professional…mp3 are useful…sometimes people want good stuff, othertimes no

Q: do they find it difficult to produce from scratch…or easier to sampling
A: smapling is easier to do, but legally a problem
Q: is it still worth it
A: yes, it is how we grew up… like using samples and it makes it all come together. certain grooves and sounds – you can try all day, but samples often have a certain magic.

Q: read in remix that they were using Reason…what are your thoughts about using software instead of instruments/boards etc
A:e ach have their own sound…Reason gives convenience..but all the others have charateristics…
Q: which one is the most inspiring
A: good when on airplane…good for travelling and moving. right thing at right time. now anyone with laptop can do it.

Q: how pleased are you with the result of the movie..would they do something better/different?
A: told people start shooting earlier..give people more tapes and batteries to extend..(the support act were not in it).
expecation that the support was in. it would have been good to give the cameras before the show…

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  1. In the photo you pulled from Flickr, from left to right: Adam Yauch aka MCA, Michael Diamond aka Mike D, and Adam Horowitz aka Adrock. FYI.