Yesterday, posters appeared around the conference centre announcing that music passes were all fitted with RFID tags. And that you would be scanned going to events..and that the information could be collated and used to send you approprite marketing materials. This was news to me..I could not remember seeing that anywhere in the sign up process. It is all done in the name of protecting you and your experience tp prevent forgery. Mmm…where have I heard that argument before.

One thought on “RFID Tags

  1. Rachel, if you pull the paper out of the plastic holder, and unfold it, you’ll notice a sticker behind one of the gold irridescent arrows. Embedded in the sticker is an RDIF tag. I didn’t have a badge last year, but I did have a bracelet and it also had an RDIF tag in it. I didn’t know they would be using it for targeted marketing purposes, but I’ve personally noticed that SXSW is quite the marketing machine. Miller Lite, honestly.