Mix06: day 2

Last night there was a welcome party held in the mightclub at the hotel. There was a gap between the last session and the start of the party – in which time people started making their way to the club…but weren’t let in. Instead, they were directed to form a line. Which then proceeeded to form a human game of Snake as it wrapped itself around a square and back on itself and ended up crossing. The party itself was fun, but dark…not a lot of light to see people or avoid the multiple backpacks, an accessory that the club probably does not see very often.

I then moved onto a bowling party – in a hotel room with its own set of alleys. My bowling has not improved, so I was happy to get a few strikes. Finally a drive along the strip to really confirm that this place is weird.

I’m watching the keynote via the pressroom this morning..helping put together the Buzzword bingo card. Or rather not really helping, just nodding head and agreeing as the coffee has not kicked in yet.


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