Future of Web Apps – Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson – Happy Programming with Ruby on Rails.

Still my typing sucks!

Introducing a Silver bullet…MOTIVATION

motivation has a stronger influence on productivity than any other factor (this falls into the No Shit Sherlock statements…but it’s too easily forgotten)

Motivation comes from happiness. SO you need to optimise your tools for happiness.

Beautiful code makes David happy

Your application is not a unique snowflake. most of the time you are not special. most of the work revolves around the same details as everyone else. so Ruby on Rails tries to optimise the mundane, keeping it standard – allowing the special stuff to be outside and focused on.

Convention over configuration: keep things the same where you can..

and all the note taking stops as David goes through some code….

definitely getting lost – mainly about assumptions beinbg used for conventions so you reduce what you need to write in code..and let the code framework make assumptions.

‘Flexibility is overated’…flexibility can reduce power.

‘Constraints are liberating’ – make things easier. follow people and then build on it.

Most developers find themselves with 2 voices – devil or angel. Environment influences the size of the voice. The devil says do it the easy way..you can always come back. The angel suggests you do the right thing..test, convention etc.

‘PHP is the devil’ – its easier to do the hacks and to do sloppy stuff. It’s easier to be sloppy under pressure. It bites you later.

…back to code…back to no note taking…

Why beautiful code: you feel the hurt if don’t use, you appreciate agile, you appreciate test; you can skip the vendor;


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