Taking this far too seriously

Semanticist “presents a dozen signs that this whole “nanoculture” thing might be a little too much for you to handle.” with the nanoculture being such things as SEO, Web 2.0, New Media and Social Computing . Favourites being

11. You no longer speak to co-workers, but instead refer them to your comments feed.

2. You were totally surprised that your suggested “mashup” between you, your spouse, and the babysitter was poorly received.

and then you get to number 1 in the list..and you know you’re in to this way too deep ;o)

Via Jeremy Zawodny

2 thoughts on “Taking this far too seriously

  1. Exactly. Hits the nail on the head…especially as I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week explaining a lot of this to colleagues. Which is when you realise the that the knowledge is not common even amongst people who work with technology