New Phone

I’ve bought me a new phone. Apart from a short lived pay-as-you-go phone in Amsterdam back in 2000, this is the first phone I have actually gone and chosen. Up until now, work has provided a phone and paying the bills. As I’m not going to have that in the future, it was time to go and get my own.

But it’s a shock to the system. I’ve being using a Nokia 6310i; as a phone it works great. But that’s all I ever really used it for, a triband phone plus texts. I stretched the use of it to include alarm clock and stopwatch but the WAP/GPRS etc were never enabled on it.

Now I have an 6680 Smartphone. It’s got colour! ( a small thing I know, but having had grey tone for so many years, the initial impact is the colour screen). But I have web, email, calendar, camera, video phoning, and lots more stuff I’ve not touched yet. I’ve even got TV. Buying through Vodaphone gives me their Live service and this month they have free Sky Mobile TV. Despite having entertainment channels, the programming is not the same as their satellite equivalents (I guess this is a rights issue) but you can get the news live. It is missing the one essential thing a TV needs though – a little tiny remote control ;o) The phone uses RealPlayer to manages the video stream and so far performance has been great.

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