What do I do again?

Tom at TrueTalk Blog writes about explaining what he does, how it is not a simple as delivering mail, but is

about helping leaders create an environment that make people happy, in which they have fun, in which there is a deep sense of mutual respect and regard (love). Oh, and are wildly productive because of that environment.

That’s the summary of a long description, as he tries to explain his job. It struck home because of recent conversation with my family about some career changes I’m planning. When there’s no common experience, coming to a common understanding is pure hard work. Despite the fact that my current role is one of the few where I can point to something that I’ve been involved in (like uriplanet.com) the description of what I need to do to get there is long and involved. So sometimes, it’s like being back at school when talking to the family on the phone – ‘What did you do at work this week?’…’Stuff’ But maybe that’s because the usual call is on a Saturday morning before I have woken up!

But I’m going to follow Tom’s actions and jsut get something written up – and then practice heavily on the family. So that when I’m asked by people in a business setting what it is I do, it’s all there – the clear, simple, descriptive version.

2 thoughts on “What do I do again?

  1. I have a similar problem. What I do isn’t all that difficult to explain, but I do feel the need to find a snappy one-liner to sum it up that I can use when talking to someone in the pub or at parties.

    Before I started freelance work, a book I read touched on this very topic, describing how if you sit down next to someone on a plane and they ask what you do, the worst answer you can possibly give is to say you’re a “consultant”. It means nothing and is a real conversation killer 🙂

  2. So I’ll need the snappy one-liner, which would be intriguing enough to drive a longer conversation but accurate enough to at least convey what I do if there’s no time for more; an slightly longer description and then the long detailed explanation that can really drive home the benefits of employing me…better get thinking