Snippets 17 Nov

Marketing for dogs – Floor stickers and low level posters advertising Pedigree dog food provide experiential marketing for canines as they are scented with dog food smells to attract the target market.

Gnomenclature – Chris Pirillo’s new word defintitions. I particulary like:

  • WEB 2.0 – I don’t know, and I don’t care.
  • PODCASTING – Um… so I think… I’ll… uh… yeah. Ya know, I think… uh… yeah, so… um… where was I? Oh yeah. Ya know when, um… like, ya know when I was going to the… uh, yeah. Um… um… I think?
  • SKYPEE – The act of going to the restroom in the middle of a VoIP conversation without the other party knowing.

Scott Adam’s is in the middle of a flame war of sorts after he posted about the credibility of the participants in the debate between Evolution and Inteliigent Design. His key argument:

Both sides misrepresent the others’ position (either intentionally or because they don’t know better or because of bias) and then attack the misrepresentation. Therefore, neither side is credible (to me).

Nice to see my favourite creationary force the Flying Spaghetti Monster getting a good mention in the comments.

I’m still playing Resident Evil 4. I still suck. I managed to get killed about 10 times in the last section – and those women with chainsaws are mean; very, very mean. Do they have to keep chopping my head off?

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