Resignation over blogging

Shel Israel writes about an IBM emplyee in India resigning after the subject of one of Guarav Sabnis’s posts, the Indian Institute of Management and Planning, threated to boycott IBM machines, stage a student protest and burn the Thinkpads. He explains the decision:

Firstly, my intention to stand by my posts, since I believe in freedom of speech. I have written nothing that can be thought of as libel. IIPM is an organiation in free India which makes some claims in its advertisements. What I did was exercise my right as a citizen, by responding to the information contained in the ad……The second thing dear to me is IBM’s well-being. IBM has been a good employer to me. I have no complaints about them. Even in light of these events, they did not pressurise me to go against my principles and hush the matter up. Yet, IBM was being dragged into this unnecessarily.

An honourable decision. But indicative of trouble to come if you post in your own name?

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