At dinner last night, I was discussing procrastination and getting things done (in a round about way). And decided using a combination of AI and IM could be the way to go; a solution could be a friendly (or not so friendly) buddy who would ask me questions about whether or not I have completed the tasks that I told it about and be my personal NagMonster (the name may need working on!)

  • So start of with some decent AI, so that the questions and responses are not too jarring
  • Throw in something like the Myer’s Briggs test. This allows the presonality of the NagMonster to be adjusted so that it asks you things in your preferred style. It may spend 5 minutes beating around the bush asking about the weather and what you did last night – or just get straight to the point.
  • Next, a way of recording the tasks you want it to chase you on – a ToDo list with priorities. You can adjust how urgently the NagMonster chases you.

Now, the base version could be just text; it may only ever hold a few items at a time. But it could be premiumised: with the increase in voice on the IM clients, a vocal version could be done as well as a video version. And then downloadable voice files can be sold – to personalise the NagMonster in the accent and sound of your choice. Or choose the look of the video message. Lots of things to do. Of course, if I had it, I’d probaly kill it the second time it tried to nag me.

2 thoughts on “NagMonster

  1. Great idea Rachel! Can i just lay claim, at this early stage of development, to an alternate suggested name: the ChoirMistress. Perhaps the ChoirMistress could be part of the NagMonster family of audibles for different personality types – as you note – although the NagMonster itself is quite emphatic as an over-arching brand πŸ™‚

  2. Scrub that. What i meant of course was ChoreMistress. The spelling synapses were out of synch earlier πŸ˜‰