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Often TV shows have accompanying websites; of they are good they add value to the show, a good exmaple being the Lost site that I looked at hte other week. In some cases, a brand puts up a site that supports their sponsorship of a TV programme; my emplyer has done this is the US and the UK with Baileys and Smirnoff.. But P&G are now turning it round in launching a TV show of the website. their Home Made Simple site is being turned into a Lifestyle TV programme on the Discover Channel. Content can come from many sources, nice to see that the traffic is goign the other way as well. Via Big Picture.

One thought on “Web on TV

  1. I am interested in anyone’s views on this approach. If a brand wants to interest me, why not give me something useful and so making me more positively disposed towards future contact with them. Something like an informative or entertaining TV programme? What is to stop a brand making or acquiring a TV programme, putting it on air (many times if necessary) or online and inviting me to enjoy it at their expense? When are brand marketers going to take responsibilty for creating their own audience? I like the idea of sponsors promoting shows they are backing. But the broadcaster must be loving this free promotion and other advertisers in the commercial breaks must be grateful one of their number is helping to up the shows ratings and their impacts.

    Here’s a challenge – which brand is going to broadcast its own sponsored programme on bandwidth it has procured, then tell people to tune in, sit back and enjoy the show

    I can tell you how to do this (if you are in the UK that is) and why…