I;ve been testing Google’s new Desktop Sidebar whaatchamacallit. It looks pretty good so far, all the bits working well; just need FTSE 100, UK weather and a few more UK news soruces ( I see the telegraph..is the BBC somewhere there?)

It looks like innovation around web services is increasing. Kottke has a insightful piece about where it all could be going, moving towards a browser and web based world.

The sooner the better for me. I work across 3 PCs; getting all the work in one web based placed that gets accessed wherever I am would be wonderful. The challenge for me would be the transition period. it’s easy to move the machines I own to such a paltform, but keeping it accessible in a work environment, which is very conservative, would be the a bonus.

2 thoughts on “OS

  1. I find it hilarious that people are trying to take credit for predicting the future when visionaries like WebOS.com created this WebOS meme back in 1999.How can anyone who knows anything forget about the original WebOS.com guys? Shervin Pishevar, Drew Morris, Fredrik Malmer and Erik Arvidsson at WebOS were the pioneers of the WebOS space way back in 1999 and 2000. Unfortunately, they had idiotic investors who had no idea what they were sitting on. WebOS was the first AJAXian API complete with an app they called “Maggie” that created a true desktop-like application (it was their Hyperoffice product done just look outlook but through the browser only in DHTML/JS with the WebOS API). This was years before OddPost. They also had the first desktop evironment complete with windowing capabilities. Rumours are some of the old gang are planning a WebOS-reloaded and relaunching WebOS.com. Should be interesting to see what comes out.

    A true visionary would create a WebOS that actually is an OS-made to run the local machine in an optimized way for web applications and the Web 3.0 world we are living in now and will increasingly live in the future.