What not to do

1. Call a clothing line TwattyGirl. At least if you you want anything but hassle in the UK. The Press Release just gives us gem after PR gem, the crowning glory being ‘twattyisms’. Only in the US would this be done srriously; here, we’d add a lot more irony. Via PSFK

2. Yell out the main spoiler from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to a bunch of kids queuing in line to buy the book and hour after it has been released. But over here, someone does just that. Don’t watch if you don’t want spoilers. But if you know the end, watch it. It is funny…Via Observer Blog.

4 thoughts on “What not to do

  1. Okay. I was already spoiled about the prince and about who dies, so I did not think this would be a real spoiler. But it is! buuuuuuuuuh! :))

    Hoping to get mine tomorow *sigh*