Where have you been?

There’s a letter on the BBC Ceefax service today from Jim complaining (the contibutors often complain – nostalgia always makes things look better) about how Doctor Who is being spoiled because we know what’s going to happen, that we’re being told things about the next series. So where has Jim been? Has he failed to notice the media trend of revealing everything they are given or cam find in order to drive ratings (their own or the TV programmes). He states that this never used to happen. That’s because the last DW series was BW – Before Web. Although the information could have been obtained before there were few opportunities to spread it. And without the information being easily available, the appetite for it can not be widely generated. The Web feeds the media feeds the desire, all in an endless feedback loop which means that you now have to work hard not to see spoilers. So Jim, you’re right. It was not like this before, but do the other benefits of information availability outweigh the occasaional spoiling of a TV programme?

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