Quick Reads

On the way in to work this morning, I was considering my first-read feeds, those blogs for which i scan my feed list and read first if I am short of time, like this morning. And then, by co-incidence I find a sort of similar posting here, from Evan Erwin. (via Doc Searls)

In no particular order, what do I read if I have 15 mins in the morning:

  • the BBC news feeds. Just scan the headlines and summary, it’s quicker than teletext or waiting for the news to role round again on TV.
  • Scoble, although that often depends on how may unread posts there are. If many, it waits till I have the time
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Wil Wheaton,
  • Doc Searls,
  • Burning Bird

    Why? Because the style of writing and the content is great for me before coffee and because I almost always come away with something to think about on the train journey.

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