Phones and daleks

They’re not connected, I just didn’t want to do 2 posts 😉

The first is about BT’s new phone offer, Fusion, which works as a landline via broadband and a mobile via Vodaphone (why not O2, i thought that used to be BT?). I can see the attraction of this, given that I tend not to use the landline at home at all and I could not even tell you my home phone number (I could tell you my SkypeIn number though, but I put some thought into choosing that). The BBC have a fairly objective report, whilst the Register is slightly more tongue in cheek, calling it the BT Confusion service.

In other news, thieves have returned a stolen Dalek, after declaring it too hot to handle. So they left it on the top of Galstonbury Tor. That’s right, they left it on top of a big hill in the middle of the countryside. And then it had to be stretchered off. Apparently ‘kids’ are being being blamed. Of course these would be kids who lug a great big Dalek up a very steep hill and would have absolutely nothing to do with the Doctor Who conference that is being organised.

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