Go-karting was lots of fun. I’ve never done it before, so it was a good challenge. After a briefing about all the rules, with lots of safety tipos, we all (there were 12 of us) got kitted out and ventured out onto the track. You sit about 6 inches off hte ground, in front of 2 noisy engines, an a very snug bucket seat. With no seatbelt. There’s a small steering wheel and 2 pedals only. we had 10 minuts practice and then went out for a 30 minutes race. I couldn’t beleive how much hard work it was to keep the karts on the track – no power steering. I only spun to a halt once, which I think was a minor miracle and managed an average of 30miles/hour. Scary stuff. I was pleased to see I finished 5th, behind people who had done this before – a good result for me.

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