Friday Night Project

I was on TV last night, or at least the back of my head was. A few weeks ago, my friend Carmel had some tickets to go and see the filming of the Friday Night Project, staring Jimmy Carr at the LWT studios on the South Bank. I’d never been to a TV studio before, nor seen filming done beyond an episode of It’s a Knockout, a birthday treat a long time ago! It was slightly weird in that the programme was being filmed 3 weeks early, so there were topical jokes about weddings and races that took a while to get into. Sadie Frost was the guest and she did a good job and she did a good job of avoiding wife-swapping questions – and was not phased when there were a couple in the audience who had been to such parties 😉

A fun night – we’re now waiting for Top Gear tickets to come through…

One thought on “Friday Night Project

  1. Hi, I came across your blog via google, I’m wondering how you got tickets to The Friday Night Project? I’ve been trying to find out almost everywhere because I really want to go! Thanks x