LeWeb London: Three themes to thrive in real time

Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group –
“Three themes to thrive in real time”

Being faster than real time…is about anticipation. It’s been difficult to do in tech space. Anticpation needs experience and an understanding of what is in play. When it comes to companies connecting to customers, there will be a lot of balls in play, There are opporutunies and threats here

Looking at some of the small peices now. Looking at the sources of information for a company. So press, research, people, etc. There are 5 at the moment..there are going to grow. Then paid, earned owned, that’s another 3 – they come together with convergence media. Then there are different screens. At least 5. So at least 75 ways for a customer to find oyu – then they have 7 layers….so that 535. Then for each product line

That’s a LOT of information. Companies are putting together this data to make predictions about what is happening )eg Target sending our predicted ads)

There are 3 themes – dynamic customer journey. adaptive organisations and the sentient world.

JO was sitting in Times Square trying to count the mesages. THere are so MANY choices, how can you choose. It’s a dynamic customer journey, it changes. SO hwo can inflexible static organisation change with the customer.

Look at photos, 250m go onto Facebook each day. SO how do companies take advantage of photos. Tesco allowed people to scan images to buy goods from the subway. Food could be ordered from journey. In Times Square, American Eagle combined display ads, you could go to the booth and take a picture and that got shown on the screen as well. They had paid, owned and earned in the same place.

YOu need to understand what influences your customers. How does dynamic journeys shift the experience. And if you can find the hot path, share info when needed, are adverts needed – it becomes information

Looking at the sentient world. What is smarter, the college graduate or tomorrow’s fridge. Where are they going? The fridge can clean up, can manage energy footprint and make sure always have food in fridge.

To approach this world, you need to break into parts and looks at in different angles. How do you look at the world. People are measuring their own body. Smarty pyjamas for babies can help you track how they are growing. Google are testing the glasses, which will add sentience to world

IF everything is data, where is the signal. How do you communicate with inanimate objects. And how do you sort all this out, who are the companies who can answer this question

You need to anticipate, that is key advantage. Use the theme to think about what to do next

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