LeWeb London: Jamie Oliver and Instagram

Jamie Oliver, Television Personality & Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO, Instagram with Loic Le Meur, LeWeb Founder


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JO and KS met about a year ago, when instagram was small. They got JO on Instagram, and he started using it the next day, showing pictures of his daily life. They can be shared in real time.
Jo looked at it as a way of getting closer to the public, to understand what they want. Twitter is good for getting stuff out there, stirring the pot, for announcing things. Facebook like a website, peopel get deeper. Instagram was about democratising being creative, allowed his dad to take a good pictire. There’s something about words that can be poisonous, a downside of twitter is that it can be bitchy. JO gets concernd if does not get a certain number of likes, Yor are constantly learning what your audience likes. You take pictures down if it is not liked by the audience.
JO with Twitpic it goes into papers. With Instagram, they are less used. JO gets lots of comments and likes. KS thinks it’s about the honesty. The best use is when it is genuine. JO got a reward at Harvard, and did a speech..he put the speech on Instagram, Gets 1000 comments.
KS loves watching the brands building followings, eg Burberry, they do some great stuff. Create images that really represent them.

JO, with business using them, they are like instruments, business need to get passionate musicians that get it. Different tools have different uses. JO scans through stuff every day. He has a team that manages the website. PLus facebook, twitter, instragram, google hangout. The stuff that he does that works is about emotion and about recipes. People on twitter like recipes, the free stuff. But he’s a publisher, so free stuff is a problem. The internet is about being generous, and that all helps. JO is doing ads…from about a year ago. The cost of the team, with 14 people, is a big job and need to get money to pay for them

JO thinks that Instagram is good as you can ban people and delete their comments. On Twitter it is just left out there.
KS thinks democratisation and openess is the basis of the platform…for many people, it feels like Instagram is only about 10 hours old. KS is looking at changing that, so you can see your history easily. JO thinks that leaving the API open was a brilliant idea, leaving the gates open for developers

KS says the API has allowed the ecosystem to grow, for products and interesting ways to be built on top. JO thinks that this is the best way to grow. JO thinks people are nicer when expressing through pictures. Pictures are more generous and JO likes the spirit.
KS says video is difficult, but can be good. JO, thinks about minifilms, 45sec max would be interesting.

JO uses the platforms to communicate with the people, they can be very active when asked to do things. eg about martha about school dinners. The school dinners is still a massive conversation. Look at ‘pink slime’ in the US. JO thinks a job is to stir the pot, to focus on the food indutry. JO is given lots of data and passes it on – if public have good clear information, then they make decisions. JO tries to aggregate communities, those that are passionate, JO works at joining up and making them more powerful – facilitated activism is what he calls it.

JO thinks that forms of interrogation (with respect to disupting food industry) is good, we need to do more and digital is the future. But will leave measurement to the measurement people. There are loads of facts..we need to do more instead of read facts. Great decisions in the world will be done through phone, rather than just a marketing campaign.

KS thinks a photo does not have to be beautiful, but it needs to be honest and truthful. JO says that popular is boobs, girls and dogs. KS thinks we need to do a better job of personalising, so that the popular content that you see is what is right for you.
JO has not really got advice for the audience…from a personal view, he is a massive geek, using tools and platforms. The medium of telling stories is what he loves, IF they are good enough they make money. JO is not a digital expert, just lives in the world.

KS thinks entrepreneurs need to focus on solving problems and not get caught up in the life. What are the problems. This is what JO is doing, focusing on the problems If you try and solve big problems, there will be money, funding, people wanting to work for you. JO knows it’s good when his 6yo nephew and 60+ dad can use it. JO thinks the exciting thing about the digital world is quality of expression.

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