Watching Football online

I think STV wins on this, far fewer clicks to get to the content

STV (as recommended by Ewan)

  • Go to STV home page
  • Click on ‘live now’ in programme listing
  • Go to page, watch some ads. Start the football


  • Go to BBC home page
  • Click on ‘what’s playing now’ in programme listing
  • Click on ‘Live on BBC one now’
  • Click to start the football (or one more click to have popup video player(my preference)


  • Go to the ITV home page
  • Click on bottom nav home page link in main banner. Go nowhere. Click on text link.
  • Stare at page trying to work out where link is
  • Click on ‘live’ link. Go to ‘live page’
  • Click on ‘Join now’ Go to a page full of texts, facts, chat topics, video replays, live stats
  • Try and work out which link to click
  • Find link. Click. Get to page with live chat. Ads start running
  • Start the football, on a page made slower by running lots of social elements and scripts that threaten to kill the browser.

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