London Naked Bike Ride

Yesterday, I was planning on going to the Flickr Walk about and then wondering off later to catch pictures of the London Naked Bike Ride where “riders decorate their bodies and bikes with messages of protest against oil dependency and car culture.” I got up late and never really got my stuff together to get to London early enough for the photowalk, so just decided to watch the latter.

London Naked Bike Ride 2008

Just before 4pm, police bikes screamed down the Mall to stop traffic at the corner on Parliament Square. I got myself into position and started clicking away – click through the image and you can see the rest of the set. It’s indicative of the internet I think that the images with the largest view counts are the ones with women in!

The place was full of tourists – it has to be one of the busiest tourist places in London. The overwhelming reaction was FUN. There were smiles and laughter, a shared moment at what was the obviously eccentricity of the British (even though these rides take place world wide).

4 thoughts on “London Naked Bike Ride

  1. Thanks for dropping by and explaining about RAF’s event.

    I have uploaded into youtube yesterday’s event. If you want the link I can provide it. You probably can’t find it with keywords. Didn’t put it in my blog as readers may find it offensive. One or two photos are okay I guess.

    Being a naturist for a day must be liberating for you? Tell me more!

    Hope to see you next year!

  2. No, I did not take part (cycle 6 miles???? Far too long on a bike for me). I just found a great spot and took photos. It seemed a lot of fun though, both for those taking part and the spectators.