Growing my vegetables

Here’s my veggies on April 13

Garden Plants

And here they are on May 13.

The Garden in May

They’ve all survived, although I needed to put slug killer down, and are growing well. I’ve had a lot of rocket and lettuce todate, the rest I need to wait for.

I feel really proud of my little veggies 😉

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2 thoughts on “Growing my vegetables

  1. Holy crap that looks marvellous. We’re debating whether or not to do our own veg. How much has it actually cost you?

  2. err, about 40quid. I’m not 100% sure I’ll break even. So far I’ve had about 6 meals with the lettuce/rocket being major ingredients. The rocket is now not useful (it’s got flowers!) but the lettuce is growing strong. I’ve got pea and tomato flowers and the broccoli is coming through.

    It’s not necessarily for the saved cost but for the ‘I grew that’.

    Ways to save would be if you actually have a garden (so no growbags needed) and if you grow from seed (i bought plants).

    The guy next door to me is also growing stuff and he has a good herb box plus tomatos and lots of chillis. It’s a lot of fun – try it!