Faked Moon Landings

Serendipity sometimes strikes with the feedreader. I’ve just read these two posts from Gia and from JP which refer to conspiracies of truth around the Moon Landings. However, I do love the idea of NASA putting together a Massively Multi-player Online game.

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One thought on “Faked Moon Landings

  1. Rachel, thanks for the link! There really are far too many people who believe far too many bizarre fabrications for me to be comfortable about it! What I find most strange is that many of the ‘believers’ tend to be relatively rational people who, for example, don’t believe *everything* our leaders try to get us to accept. That’s healthy skepticism. I fully support the right of citizen’s to keep government on their toes by the constant questioning of them… Unfortunately, some people take that to the extreme and can’t believe *anything* our leaders say. Because of this they prevent themselves from accepting humanity’s greatest achievement and finest hour – landing on the Moon.