Mahalo and Local Focus

I’ve said before, I like Mahalo, and Jason Calacanis’ latest push is for is How To pages, such as the How to Fly With Kids that he posted about today. But I have one thing to add:

Please remember that the English-speaking world is bigger than the USA, that flying takes place outside of USA as well and that the web reaches far outside the USA. So, when writing an article, however good it is (and this one is pretty good) that removing obvious local-only references and making an attempt to think globally will benefit all. There is more to flight guidelines than the TSA and diaper is a funny old word used first in Shakespeare but now only used in the US and Canada for nappy.

3 thoughts on “Mahalo and Local Focus

  1. I agree 100%. Right now we are trying to make our model work in the US… if it works here we can take it on the road (so to speak). however, if we try and take it on the road right now we will be spread WAAAAAAY to thin.

    give us a year… 🙂

  2. But these are simple steps that you can start to build in now to not alienate the a larger audience. The content is great and applicable to all.

    You already allow people to contribute globally, setting a simple policy to think globally when writing posts must be far easier to set now than in the future when you have to go back and fix things.

    The article mentioned takes two simple changes – ‘diaper/nappy’ and ‘TSA/your local air safety agency’.