View from bar

View from bar, originally uploaded by RachelC.

Last night I went to 230 5th Avenue where they have a gorgeous rooftop bar with this view of the Empire State Building. In the open, comfy seats and you can get blankets if you are cold. The food and drinks were good, if rather expensive. However, the wait staff were not the best in the world, nowhere near competent. After initially being ignored, we ordered food and drinks and the drinks were not bought until the food was ready; we had to chase to get a refill (it’s a bar – sell that stuff) and on requesting the cheque, they ‘forgot’ to bring the itemised bill. We may have been unlucky with our staff – and it is a nice enough place to try again – but be aware.

3 thoughts on “View from bar

  1. Ok, those Yelp reviews are pretty spot on. Great view, nice place, atrocious service. Next time I need to find myself someone to who will blow a fair bit on their half of the drinks (or expense account), get there early enough so have a great seat, order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot so I don’t have to bother the waitress and just sit and watch the sun go down. That’s the trick – organise it so you do not need waitresses.

    And Ewan, definitely no Daleks. Looked last week when I visited the place and they’ve all gone