Tomorrow is Podcamp NYC, an unconference that has grown way beyond that into a monster, with over 1200 registered users. A decision was made pretty early to solicit session proposals and then to schedule them – otherwise there are just far too many going to have it self-organise. Although there is one plan as you go track for any last minute desire to get up and talk.

The sheer numbers mean that it had to move venues – straining the sponsorship dollars to keep it a free conference. So there’s no food this time, it is just not possible. The New York Hotel is now playing host, the New School no longer being able to fit everyone who signed up. Even if they only get 50% of the people it’s going to be a great day. I’m speaking too – if you go to these you have to contribute! So 10am on Saturday I’m with Howard Greenstein talking about how podcasting can be used as part of a Social Media strategy for marketing. It’ll be recorded along with everything else. The timing is good for me, i can do my volunteer session first thing, then the talk and then spend the rest of the day learning. Or maybe trying to see if the wifi is good enough to let me watch the Boat Race!

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