Good Friday

This is weird as it is the first Good Friday I’ve worked for years, there’s no 4 day weekends here for religious holidays, just the secular ones to go shopping. I’m going to point you over to Rachel North for a wonderful recollection of days gone by. No memories like that for me, just a blur of holidays and sitting on motorways going somewhere for the weekend or just general family gatherings.

7 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Good Friday. Spent all morning shopping in Merry Hell. Then went up the gym and knackered myself out, then spent the rest of the day up a ladder cleaning windows.
    Easter Sunday your Mum has invited all the family for tea, 14 all together, and you think its a holiday. Can’t wait to get back to work.

  2. You should have gone away – sat in a traffic jam and listened to the radio – far quieter. Well I’m at work investigating social media and podcasting for this talk I need to do tomorrow. That’s better than cleaning windows!

  3. Lucky you lot, sitting in traffic jams, cleaning windows working out at the gym or shutting yourself away in an office researching social Media. I am at Merry Hell – Working looking after the many millions of mad people trying to get a last minute half price easter egg…… My god! This is going to be a long day….. Would much prefer sitting on th M6 in a traffic Jam!!!!

  4. Hi Rach

    Well you all had a holiday, I had to work, but at least had tea at your mom’s !, very nice it was too. Oh did ur mom tell you I have brought a neew house.

  5. I had no holiday – just the normal. Yep, heard about the house. Sounds good