Mutual Support Group

I’ve been reading Jason Calacanis’s fatblogging drive and thought about it but it was not quite enough. Then I read Jeremy’s post on the subject and the topic on the B5Media message board which led me to traineo; looking at that app, witht he support and community aspects was enough to tip me over the edge into action. So I’ve signed up on the site, got a motivator to bug me (that’s my sister) and joined the b5media support group that has been set up.

The site is not perfect, but is has some lovely features.


  • record your weight (in metric or imperial)
  • record your exercise, with estimated calories burnt. There’s some debate over the accuracy of the results, but if you use it consistently it gives trends. It only allows you to choose from a list of activities, which range from walking to aerobics to sex to childcare.
  • track your daily calorie consumption, although you’ll need a spreadsheet or other app to record what you eat as this records only the total
  • create your own log of whatever you need

That’s the data recording, so what about the social aspects?

  • You can pick up to 5 motivators, who get weekly emails of your activity and comments and are encouraged to support you
  • the forums give you access to the wider community, with plenty of advice and support
  • create your own group and invite likeminded people
  • join other groups of common interest, for example there is one dedicated to the Wii

As well as this, I’ve sorted out the gym membership and started walking a lot more. Time for more action.

One thought on “Mutual Support Group

  1. Thanks for the post – I didn’t realize Jeremy set up a group on Traineo. I have set up an account and like what I see – very ajax-y. Almost makes journaling fun.

    I’m also interested in the fatblogging community – finding a community of people who share at least my interests in fitness and the Internet is the reason I started blogging in the first place. I’ve been talking with Jason Calacanis about helping grow the community, and have set up a blog carnival for the fatblogger community. Basically, a carnival is a “roundup”-type post that showcases articles written by members of the community. I would love for you, and anyone you know who enjoys writing about fitness, to participate. You can read more information at