Soundtrack to my life

I’ve finally got me, time and my music all together in the same place to answer Ewan’s tagging of me for the latest meme to go round. What is the soundtrack of your life, if your soundtrack was on random. So, following the instructions, open the library, press random play, see what you get.

Opening Credits: Greenday Massacre, by Dean Gray.
First Day At School: 40 by U2
Falling In Love: Karma Killer by Robbie Williams
Breaking Up: Good as Gold by the Beautiful South
Prom: The Real Slim Shady by Enimem
Mental Breakdown: St Jimmy the Prankster, Dean Gray
Flashbacks: Run, Snow Patrol.
Getting Back Together: Pop Song 2006, Razorlight
Wedding Scene: Because of your Brainstew Kelly Clarkson vs Greenday
Final Battle: Fur Elise, Beethoven
Death Scene: Eleanor Ciccone, ccc.
Funeral Song: Somebody Told Me, The Killers
End Credits: I want to Hold your hand, The Beatles
Finale: Fix You, Coldplay

I’m not sure what that says or how representative it is. There’s fewer mash-ups on the list than I would expect just by looking at the music list; most of the stuff I have is still in CD format which is something I need to rectify once they have made their way from Philadelphia (London to Phily via ship, now waiting for them to be on a truck and delivered here). I’m not going to tag this time..sometimes you just don’t.

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