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If you have read any kind of technology blog, or peruse the top search terms on Technorati, you will have come across the blogstorm that was leWeb3. It’s still top of the search terms on that site. Last year, the same conference garnered some controversy after a key speaker reacted to comments on the IRC channel being projected on the main screen. I got a lot out of last years show, met some really great people and enjoyed my time in Paris. Due to the move to new York, I decided that finances and lack of holiday meant I could not go. And I think I’m glad I missed it. The controversy this year, was all about the conference being disrupted and moved around due to 3 political discussions that took place, 2 of them by French presidential candidates.

Now with the dust dying down from that, you have some more positive posts coming out about lessons that could be learned, as well as what was good about the sessions.

Tom, who did a great job of pulling together the various reactions across the web has a post about how he would do it differently. let me know when you organise this then Tom, I try and make it! he Gay Expat picks up Adam‘s challenge and gives us 7 points to think about. And finally, Nicole has an indepth look at wireless and the issues surrounding it. Almost always a problem at these kind of conferences, the wifi can make the difference between a good and a great time. And finally, Ewan is going to be posting his notes of the sessions over the next few days with the wisdom of hindsight and without the clutter of what was actually happening. I’m looking forward to that.

2 thoughts on “LeWeb3 – conference feedback

  1. Concerning Technorati and regarding your blogroll: Are these really the links you do prefer? I don’t know if your came across to read some articles on the scandal with Edelman and Technorati and their try to present a European Toplist of Blogs.

    Some blogauthors, and in Germany one of those who besides is the owner of a Toplist of German blogs discussed and explained why Technoratis Toplist is not what it seems. For example because people do leave their blogrolls unchanged from the installation of their blogs on and they are producing links to blogs that are of no special interest, just that they are included in a theme means that the people (with their blogs) linked have something to do with the theme or wordpress itself. It’s just a something that came to my mind because me myself have read on the scandal of Technoratis Toplist only some days ago. And if you know how fast the word “scandal” is used in the blogosphere you do have an impression on how I used it here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nevermind.

  2. Alexander,

    thanks for pointing this out. In fact, they are not my usual links. I’d switched to WordPress and then had so many problems keeping the site up I have not gone and added back in the blogroll, links, tracking etc that were sitting on my previous incarnation of the blog. The site’s not been stable enough at the times I have had time. Hopefully I can fix some of these things this weekend.