Holiday relaxing

My brother-in-law has been hassling me about what I’ve been doing this past week (apart from hiding when the family all descends en masse to create havoc). Not too much at all, to be honest, just chilling out in the main.

I’ve updated my geneology pages, been digging up records of a few more dead relatives (and am planning to completely change the layout on that section), updated the domain home pages and finally put back the tracking bugs.

I’ve fixed my Dad’s PC, installed printer drivers on 2 laptops, resurrected a virus-ridden machine running windows 98 and installed Linux and got that working as the main machine for my aunt; I’m setting up the PVR for the grandmother and setting up a home network for the parents – so I can run the Tivo and Slingbox for me.

So the brother-in-law is right – not done too much really ;-). But this of course is coming from someone with 2 kids below the age of 5, so sitting in front of computers must be regarded as nothing!

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