And some bad service

I had read about how bad Time Warner cable were but did not really expect it to be this bad. The first issue was the inability of being able to turn up within the 4 hour time span allotted to the order. The guy was only 20 minutes late, but it would have been far nicer if he had turned up 4hours and 20 minutes earlier. In my 10 days usage, they have already had 2 outages of greater than 6 hours. Not fun when trying to work from home.

Update: I’m pleasantly surprised that Time Warner have credited my with additional days due to loss of service.    And that someone had looked up my account and worked out I have still not got the TV hooked up (still got to buy it!)
My second complaint of the day is with with Ikea, or more likely Urban Express, who they use as carriers. Waiting in today for a delivery (in the oh so work friendly delivery slot of 11-3) they turned up at a reasonable time but then tried to slip out without actually letting me check the goods. Considering they had forgot the mattress, it was a pretty big problem. When Ikea eventually got through to them, they had definitely lost it. So now I have to wait more time before I get to sleep on a bed instead of an airbed.

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