Moving House and Moving Blogs

I’ve finally got my living arrangements sorted out and will be moving into a more permament apartment in New York. Which means packing up my London flat, putting most into storage and shipping the rest across. I’m moving out of the rented room up on 181st St into my own little apartment up the Upper East Side which looks promising.

Meanshile I’m planning on changing over the blog to WordPress this weekend; I’ve been using it in relation to wrok blogs and decided I like it better. Knowing my ability to do these things, there may be problems galore, but hopefully things like the feeds won’t change. I think the links will though so i’ll have to wrok round that.

2 thoughts on “Moving House and Moving Blogs

  1. I’ve been gone most the year and missed so much. TIt’s not as good a tech social scene here. Hopefully I will get back to London soon.