Google Buy YouTube

I signed up for the Google Press Mailing List; up until now it’s been pretty quiet and RSS/other sources have been quicker. Today it’s been working well, with 2 releases this morning about Google Video signing deals with Warner Music and Sony BMG to allow uesers to watch their music videos and to purchase them if they want to. Another video service workign with the music biz who have finally wised up to allowing people access to content to watch and share increases the opportunities for sales – sort of like YouTube. And finally today, confirming the rumours over the weekend, Google announce they have bought YouTube for $1.65billion. It will continue to act independently to “preserve its successful brand and passionate community.”

With content companies, both tv and music, making deals with YouTube, the threat of lawsuits al a Napster by be reducing but can not have gone completely. Google is a far bigger prize – i wonder if it will entice any sharks intot he water.

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