Flushed Away slugs

One of the emails from viral monitor today was about a nice little short animation of Dancing Slugs; it was forwarded to the list by a PR agency (That’s what the list is there for). On YouTube, the clip is there twice, the first from ‘flushedaway‘ a new member who joined yesterday. The clip is doing pretty well, getting over 200k views. (it’s also a featured video today). The clip is far better quality on the PR agencies website Way To Blue (this opens a .asx file which will open a media player instead of inbrowser experience).

The clip itself does not actually give clues about where it has come from, but the email does – it’s to promote the Aardman/Dreamworks film Flushed Away, which opens in the UK on Dec 1. It’s CGI instead of the the trademark clay stop-go animation and from the results of this clip, looks like the quality is there. they normally come up with a good story, we’ll just wait and see.

One thought on “Flushed Away slugs

  1. I hope the movie’s better than the early expectations… Aardman have a fantastic reputation, and an awful lot to live up to… hope their move into CGI is a good one!