Digital Ages of a Marketing Director

My second presentation within a week! After only ever doing this type of thing at work, I gave a presentation at barcamp today ‘the digital ages of the modern marketing directory’, a tongue-in-cheek look at the challenges in convincing corporates to market on the web. I gave a quick run through three stereotypes that I have come across:

  • the Luddite – those people who do not believe the web can be used to market goods but often hold the budget. Difficult to convince to spend money in this type of marketing
  • the Enthusiast – the ones who know they have to be on thw web but get stuck on a few things that they just know will work – lets make a viral is their rallying cry
  • the Realist – people who use the web everyday, who treat the web as just one channel in the marketing mix, who don’t need convincing on using the web, just need the right information to feed into the rest of their studies on RoI

It then opened up into a general discussion about different ways to market on line, targeting audiences and good practices for online spend. It went well enough, to a full house, that I need to actually turn this into a more formal presenation with slides and I can extend the time I think.

2 thoughts on “Digital Ages of a Marketing Director

  1. Definitely turn it into a full presentation. Although I’m mainly interested in the “other side” (monetizing a site through ads), it was very interesting to see how the source of those ads looks at the world.