Half Baked

Social Carnivore

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One of the fun sessions this morning was Half-Baked. You’re given 10 minutes to design and plan a new company and then pitch it for prizes. We had mobile trackers, content networks, iPod hiring, recycling and more.

The winning entry was Space RocketCelebrity, a social networking, user generated, voting competition to send you and a celebrity into space.

My team came up with Social Carnivore (tagline – we don’t ask, we just take) a new industry to dis-disintermidediate the social data that is out there, aggregate it all and sell it off to the highest bidder. We were runners up for being the most scary of the ideas and for the best logo, seen here in its glory after Eric knocked it out in 2 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Half Baked

  1. I think we’re probably also winners for “company that is most likely to already exist without many people knowing it”

    With all the marketers flodding towards myspace, etc, there’s a huge opportunity for companies with a certain, um, moral flexibilty, to fill the gap and make it easier for them.