Sport and Barcamp

Not both together, but that is what I spent yesterday doing.

First of all was the men’s final at Wimbledon (or rather the gentlemen’s singles final as it is correctly called). Enjoyed the game, especially after the first set and there was more of a battle. The US TV station look like htey love the sport – they can show ads every 2 games as the end changes.

then a quick dash into the city for the first organising meeting for Barcamp New York II. Chris has some photos. We gathered, chatted about venues and sponsorship and all that stuff, delegated out responsibilities and then scattered again to carry on organising remotely. The date is not yet finalised – venues need to be checked out first – but it will be either co-inciding with Earth barcamp at end of August or later in September.

After this it was off to find a bar playing the Wolrd Cup final..or rather, off to find a bar I could get into as many places were packed around times Square. The first half was watched in the ESPN store; there were a lot of families in there trying to give their kids a go on the various sports toys they have on the top floor (the other floors were all packed) They were getting very frustrated at having to work their way round the footie fans who just took all the space and made it difficult to get to anything. Such as the fishing game! Yep, there was a arcade fishing game with a rod and a reel and a father and son having a great time playing whilst completly ignoring the biggest sporting event in the world goign on right in front of them. For the second half I found another bar full of French and Italians, with English being the common language. Great atmosphere, with complete bewliderment all round as we tried to work out what was said to Zidane that caused him tp lose his head. So next up is Euro2008 in Austria. What are the bets for which round England fail at?

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