MySQL goes missing

I went to write a blog post this morning only to find that all I got was error messages about the connection to the databse being broken. And according to the Control Panel, I no longer had a was missing. I was pretty sure I’d not done anything too stupid, so next step was the hosting company. Nothing on their website that I could see, it looked like all the servers were up so still no idea.

Now was a chance to test their support for the first time – simplewebhosting give you the opportunity to connect direct with a support person there and there, admittedly through a downloadable IM app that keeps their annomynity. But 30 seconds after clicking the link, here was the IM mesage back that they’d seen the problem and were rectifying it. ANd now it’s back.

They’ve always proved great at support and at following up any outages (about 2 in 2 years that I’ve been affected by) with aplogies and explanations. The instant support is a great tool – I don’t want to be waiting on the phone. Well woth a look if you are after somewhere.

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